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Association for Electric Mobility & Development in Africa

AEMDA is a neutral industry initiative for stakeholders across Africa’s electric mobility field to engage allowing organizations of all sizes and at all stages to participate in the transition to electric mobility. AEMDA  provides this platform to accelerate this transition and is in support of different stakeholders’ interests in making a positive impact on the rapid transition to a low-carbon transport sector across Africa.

AEMDA’s will provide member organisations in with:

  • Updated Electric Mobility Market intelligence across African countries to help them adopt growth strategies
  • A well-thought-out Working Groups framework that members can use to create progressive and self-regulating best practice initiatives
  • Availing financing options through the involvement of finance institutions, donors and governments in efforts to develop infrastructure, incentivise and coordinate high capex investments, as well as strategically integrate affordable energy supply.
  • Establishing a respectable voice with Governments, and support in policy recommendations that promote a healthy balance of public and private interests. 

AEMDA is a neutral industry initiative for stakeholders across Africa's electric mobility field to engage allowing organizations of all sizes and at all stages to participate in the transition to electric mobility. 


To support Africa’s achievement of one million locally assembled electric vehicles by 2030.



To become Africa’s leading resource for knowledge, networks, and support of electric mobility through engaging transport, energy, industry, environment and finance sectors of the African economies.

Our Near-term Objectives

  • Identify and document existing market barriers, and work with organisations, National and County Governments identify mitigation strategies and mitigate them.
  • Create informational products about the existing electric mobility solutions in the East Africa region to educate the end-users and Governments.
  • Identify and communicate high-impact areas that Governments and organisations can participate and influence in shaping the transition to electric mobility.
  • Launch of working groups


We are currently seeking partners to support us as we accelerate:

  1. The development of a knowledge hub that will provide market resources to both members and the general public
  2. The management of working groups that will steer practical and actionable discussions for the EV market
  3. Putting together events to engage members and grow regional networks
  4. Bringing together outcome-driven individuals to collaborate at board and management levels in the organisation
  5. Development of advisory structures that will enable AEMDA to provide e-mobility organisations with financing and investment opportunities

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What else do we have in the ?

As a new organisation, we are eager to see Africa be a leader in sustainable mobility and economically resilient through the adoption of innovative mobility solutions.

In that regard, we envision having a platform that will provide companies in these spaces with:

  • Market intelligence across African countries
  • Links to participate in pilot policy development - both locally and globally
  • Country-specific events with Government participation to encourage bidirectional conversations and action
  • Funding/Investor network to enable your business to thrive and innovate
  • Training & capacity development in Electric vehicles

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