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Welcome to the Association for Electric Mobility and Development in Africa

Africa is home to the fastest-growing population in the world. The 21st century has lifted its traditional portrayal as a dependent continent to one which is vibrant and ready for business. Energy, technology, and finance have served as backbones for the transformation of Africans through innovations, including the internet, mobile technologies, and numerous renewable energy projects.

This growth has not been without blemish. Emissions on the continent are skyrocketing with more infrastructural access. Today Africa imports four times more automotive products than it exports. Regulations around second-hand vehicle imports are strong in only ten out of 54 countries. A lack of market visibility has curtailed the entry of transformative mobility solutions.

The good news is that times are changing. Advancements in technology are making electric options for mobility more compelling. Africa’s potential to leapfrog fossil fuels is promising, given the steps already made with renewable energy. Avenues like mobile technologies are making it easier to reach social and financial inclusion. Africa’s young population is prime for a better future.

The Association for Electric Mobility and Development in Africa (AEMDA) aims to bring visibility into the continent’s transport landscape. Through providing resources, access to events and networking opportunities, and a seat on local/regional policy making activities, we aim to foster a greener, more equitable sector.

Are you ready to take on this promising sector? Consider joining us!

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