Our story

Africa is home to the fastest-growing population in the world. Energy, technology, and finance have served as backbones for the transformation of Africans through innovations, including the internet, mobile technologies, and numerous renewable energy projects. At the same time, the world is experiencing a global climate change challenge. Despite the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015 as negotiated by 197 member parties of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, actual implementation has been very slow, since the business modalities required under Article 6 are not finalized. The economic growth in Africa is taking place in the midst of these  challenges.

Globally the transport sector constitutes about 23% in total fuel combustion carbon emissions while in Africa GHG emissions resulting from fuel combustion stands at 42%, almost twice the global average (IEA 2015). The continent imports four times more automotive products than it exports. These statistics point to an increasing need for environmental and economic action for sustainability.

Advancements in technology are making electric options for mobility more compelling than ever. Battery prices for instance, have plummeted by 87% between 2010 and 2019, from above $1,100 to $156 per kilowatt hour. Africa’s renewable energy capacity is projected to grow from 28GW to 800GW between 2010 and 2050, with solar PV showing the largest potential.

Avenues including mobile technologies are making it easier to reach social and financial inclusion. Africa’s youthful population is prime and open to innovative solutions. The intersection between people, sustainable energy and more affordable e-mobility technologies is what makes  African economies ready for a greening of the transport sector.

The Association for Electric Mobility and Development in Africa (AEMDA) is a neutral industry initiative for stakeholders across Africa’s electric mobility field to engage allowing organizations of all sizes and at all stages to participate in the transition to electric mobility. AEMDA  provides this platform to accelerate this transition and is in support of different stakeholders’ interests in making a positive impact on the rapid transition to a low-carbon transport sector across Africa.