You’re here even before the platform becomes official! 

Whether a Private Company, Researcher, or a Non-Governmental Organisation, we’d like to hear what you’re most interested in. Please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch on the membership requirements.

Our target membership focuses on organisations and individuals with a demonstrated interest in electric mobility and storage including

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Research Organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Energy and Sustainability companies
  • Development partners

Membership Categories

  • Individuals (with key experience e.g. in sustainable mobility/transport/climate change)
  • Corporate I (Less than 20 employees)
  • Corporate II (21 to 75 employees)
  • Corporate III (More than 75 employees)
  • Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
  • Research/Education Institution
  • Projects (Donor Supported)
  • Government Department (limited to working groups)


  • Access to intelligence across established and emerging African EV markets
  • Participate in national and regional policy and finance conversations
  • Share and access some of the cutting edge EV related research in developing economies
  • Access to investor networks and collaboration on impact projects
  • Benefit from market-based networking and access to deal rooms
  • Contribute and benefit from the body of market data and boost investor confidence
  • Form a unified and respected voice behind significant market and policy issues

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